Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid in La Liga 2022/2023:A big Clash

Barcelona is hosting the game, Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid in La Liga 2022/2023 on 23rd April 2023 at Spotify Camp Nou, Barcelona. Looking at the points table, League leader Barcelona is 13 points ahead of the 3rd position Atletico Madrid. In the last 5 matches of La Liga, Barcelona has won 3 matches and 2 are played a draw. Meanwhile, Atletico Madrid has won 5 out of all the last 5 matches. Both teams will be thinking of adding three points to the table.

Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid in La Liga 2022/2023
Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid in La Liga 2022/2023

Head-to-Head Statistics:

FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid have played 41 games altogether up to today. In these games, both teams have scored an average of 2.7 goals per match. Atletico Madrid has won the last 6 matches in a streak that contains 5 home matches of the league.

ParametersFC BarcelonaAtletico Madrid
Goal Per Match1.71
Current Standing13
Head-to-Head statistic Table

Match Preview:Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid in La Liga 2022/2023

FC Barcelona is currently performing well in Spanish La Liga. They have won 11 games at their home stadium, the Famous Camp Nou. In contrast, Atletico Madrid has won their previous five league games and has won nine away games. Looking back at their previous 41 matches, FC Barcelona has won 23 of them. As a result of these circumstances, it is predicted that FC Barcelona will defeat Atletico Madrid in their upcoming clash.

Last match: Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid in La Liga 2022/2023

First Half:

In the very first half, Barca wanted to control the ball and stop Atletico from attacking. The first 20 minutes were not very exciting, but then Pedri did a great run and set up Dembele for a goal. This made Atletico play better and they had many chances to score, but Barca’s defense and goalkeeper made some good saves. At halftime, Barca was winning but they needed to play better in the second half because Atletico would put more pressure on them.

Second Half:

In the second half, Barcelona decided to play defending. This worked because although Atletico had some chances, they couldn’t score any goals.


In a match between Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid in La Liga 2022/2023, both teams will be looking of gaining points. FC Barcelona will be seeking to improve the point difference between the 1st and second. Atletico Madrid on the other hand wants to minimize the difference in points by continuing their winning streak.

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