CAN Signals Support For EPL after Case Withdraw: Will EPL happen in 2023?

The organizing body of Everest Premier League, Everest Premier League Pvt. Ltd. has withdrawn the case against the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN). CAN Signals Support For EPL after Case Withdraw. After the CAN’s announcement of the selection of Seven3Sports as the commercial and strategic partner, EPL registered a case against CAN from the month of May.

CAN Signals Support For EPL after Case Withdraw
CAN Signals Support For EPL after Case Withdraw

This withdrawal of the case will somehow enhance the relationship between CAN and EPL and will help EPL to develop the T20 Cricket Tournament which was in controversy for a few months.

CAN end Partnership with Seven3Sport:

Due to the revelation of the spot-fixing scam, both CAN and Seven3Sports officially ended their relationship for the Nepal T20 event in January of the following year. The decision to cut connections was most likely driven by the seriousness of the charges and the necessity of maintaining the sport’s trustworthiness.

Spot Fixing Scam in Nepal T20 League:

The Nepal T20 tournament was hosted by CAN from December 24, 2022, to January 11, 2023. The tournament was overshadowed by a lot of spot-fixing incidents. The Nepal Police Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) investigated the incident. There were 10 people in the scandal, including four Nepalis and six foreigners. Among those named, the CIB highlights Seven3Sports’ suspected non-transparent activities in both spot-fixing and tournament money transactions.

Withdrawal of the case: CAN Signals Support For EPL after Case Withdraw

On May 27, the EPL filed a suit against CAN, stating that the Cricket governing body had broken the law by selecting Seven3Sports as its commercial and strategic partner. However, the CAN and EPL were already at odds before to the lawsuit, since the CAN had previously proclaimed its determination not to authorize any such franchise events in the country. This decision had a direct impact on the EPL’s intentions to hold the fifth Everest Premier League T20 event in November of the previous year.

Durga Raj Pathak, CAN’s interim secretary, stated that EPL leader Aamir Akhtar had dropped the complaint, adding that additional conversations will take place to establish the future of EPL as the official franchise event and the tournament’s modalities.


This withdrawal of the case will bring hope for EPL to continue its tournaments regularly. CAN Signals Support For EPL after Case Withdraw. Now CAN and other committee members should focus on organizing the franchise events and other tournaments. And, the committee member should be crucial to stopping the scandal like match-fixing and other irregular activities inside or outside the field.

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