DRS Gaming Wins IASI World Esports Qualifiers

DRS Gaming Wins IASI World Esports Qualifiers and Beacame the Champion at IASI 2023 World Esports Championship Qualifiers.

DRS Gaming Wins IASI World Esports Qualifiers
DRS Gaming Wins IASI World Esports Qualifiers

In a thrilling victory at the IASI 2023 World Esports Championship qualifiers held in Nepal, DRS Gaming has emerged as the champions. The team will now represent Nepal at the regional qualifiers where they will compete against other top teams from around the world for a chance to participate in the upcoming IASI 15th World Esports Championship.

About DRS Gaming

DRS Gaming, a professional esports team based in Nepal, has become one of the most popular teams in the Nepali PUBG Mobile scene. Since its founding in 2020, the team has gained significant recognition for its exceptional performance in the PUBG Mobile Global Championship tournament. The team, also known as “Da Real Soldiers,” recently made history by securing second place in the prestigious PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022, earning a whopping $292,000 in prize money.

Their outstanding success in the competition cemented their status as one of the top teams in the international PUBG Mobile scene. This significant accomplishment demonstrates the team’s commitment and labor of love, as well as the potential of Nepal’s esports market. DRS Gaming has served as a role model for prospective esports players and teams in Nepal and demonstrated that anything is achievable with ability and effort.

One of the most competitive esports competitions in the world, the PUBG Mobile World Championship, attracts some of the top teams and players from all over. DRS Gaming has gained notoriety and a slot in the esports spotlight due to its outstanding performance in the competition. We congratulate DRS Gaming on its success thus far and look forward to seeing more of its future accomplishments.

Victory at IASI 2023 World Esports Championship Qualifiers

DRS Gaming won the qualifiers for the IASI 2023 World Esports Championship, which was conducted in Nepal. To earn a spot at the regional qualifications, the squad played against other top esports teams in Nepal.

DRS Gaming won the competition with an exhilarating performance, showcasing their extraordinary talent and skill. Their success is evidence of their perseverance and commitment to the game, as well as the development and future prospects of Nepal’s esports market.

Representing Nepal at Regional Qualifiers

DRS Gaming will now represent Nepal at the regional qualifications as the winners of the IASI 2023 World Esports Championship qualifiers. To earn a seat at the next IASI 15th World Esports Championship, the squad must defeat other elite teams from other locations.

Teams from all over the world will be seeking a spot in the regional qualifiers, which will be tough competition. DRS Gaming, on the other hand, is prepared to take on the challenge and represent Nepal on the world esports scene thanks to its great skills and skill.

Competing at IASI 15th World Esports Championship

Romania will host the IASI’s 15th World Esports Championship later this year. DRS Gaming is excited to demonstrate its skills and face off against the top players in the globe.

It’s fantastic to see organizations like DRS Gaming leading the charge and expanding the possibilities of competitive gaming as the esports industry develops and grows. Our best wishes go out to DRS Gaming as they prepare for their next regional qualifiers. We also anticipate watching them compete at the IASI 15th International Esports Championship in Romania.

IASI 15th World Esports Championship

Some of the best esports teams and players compete in the IASI 15th Global Esports Championship, a significant international esports competition. Players from all around the world compete in the tournament in a variety of esports games, including well-known ones like League of Legends, Dota 2, PUBG, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The competition features the top esports talent competing for massive prize pools and international recognition. The tournament serves as a stage for athletes to exhibit their extraordinary talent and skill as well as for teams and companies to promote their brands and expand their fan bases.

A significant event on the esports calendar, the IASI 15th World Esports Championship is widely awaited by both players and spectators. It honors the esports sector’s rapid expansion and pays tribute to the players and organizations that make it all possible via their commitment and labor of love.


The success of DRS Gaming at the IASI 2023 World Esports Championship qualifications is evidence of the development and future potential of Nepal’s esports market. Nepal has the chance to build a name for itself in the esports industry and compete with the best in the world thanks to a committed and skilled team of players like DRS Gaming. In addition to wishing them luck in their forthcoming matches, we are eager to see what the future holds for this outstanding esports squad.

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