Nepal Announces Squad for ACC Premier Cup 2023

Nepal Announces Squad for ACC Premier Cup 2023: Nepal has announced its 21-member initial squad for the upcoming ACC Premier Cup, which will be held at TU and Mulpani next month. The squad will be led by captain Rohit Poudel, and young batsman Dev Khanal has returned to the team after his successful performance in the U19 World Cup. In this article, you will know the squad of Nepal and the details of opponent teams.

Nepal Announces Squad for ACC Premier Cup 2023
Nepal Announces Squad for ACC Premier Cup 2023

Nepali Team for ACC Premier Cup 2023

The Nepali team has some exciting young talent, including Dev Khanal and Arjun Saud, who will be playing in this tournament. The team also includes experienced players like Gyanendra Malla, Sompal Kami, and Sandeep Lamichhane, who have been instrumental in Nepal’s recent success in League 2. The team has been given a 15-day break after their impressive performance in the ICC World Cup League 2, and they are now eager to show their skills in the ACC Premier Cup.

Opponents of Nepal

Nepal has listed in Group A, along with Oman, Qatar, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia. Group B consists of UAE, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Singapore, and Bahrain. While Nepal will play three matches in TU, they will have to play one match in Mulpani. Nepal’s match against Saudi Arabia in Mulpani on Baisakh 11 (April 24) is a must-watch, as it is expected to be a closely contested match.

ACC Premier Cup Groups
ACC Premier Cup Groups

Nepal’s Matches in ACC Premier Cup 2023

Nepal’s first cricket match will take place against Malaysia on April 18th at TU Cricket Ground. This will be followed by a match against Oman on April 21st at TU Ground. The third match will take place against Saudi Arabia on April 24th in Mulpani. It is expected to be a deciding factor for the winner of Group A The last group match will be against Qatar on April 27th on TU.

Moreover, the semi-final matches will take place on April 29th. And the final match will be played on May 1st at TU International Ground. In case of any unfavorable weather conditions, a reserve day is available.
The game for third place will be held on April 30th, 2023.

The Tournament

The ACC Premier Cup will be held from 5th to 18th Baisakh (April 18th to May 1st). The top team of this qualifier will get the spot in Asia Cup 2023 which will be held in Pakistan. The winning team then has to face the best teams like India and Pakistan in the Asia Cup. The top three teams will qualify for the ACC Emerging Teams Asia Cup in July.

Opportunities for the Winning Team

The ACC Premier Cup winner will get a spot to in the Asia Cup. The Asia Cup 2023 will be held in Pakistan in September. If Nepal will be able to qualify for the Asia Cup then this will be a great opportunity as Nepal will face the giants like Pakistan and India. Additionally, the top three teams from the tournament will qualify for the ACC Emerging Teams Asia Cup in July.

Nepal is also playing in CWC Qualifier later this year. Nepal may have to face the with the giants like Sri Lanka and West Indies.

Nepal’s Squad ACC Premier Cup 2023

Kushal Bhurtel • Bhim Sharki • Pratis GC • Aasif Sheikh • Gyanendra Malla • Lalit Rajbanshi • Sundeep Jora • Shyam Dhakal
• Kamal Singh Airee • Rohit Paudel • Kushal Malla • Aarif Sheikh • Dipendra Singh Airee • Arjun Saud • Gulshan Jha • Sompal Kami
• Surya Tamang • Kishor Mahato • Karan KC • Dev Khanal • Sandeep Lamichhane

Conclusion: Nepal Announces Squad for ACC Premier Cup 2023

Nepal has announced a strong initial squad for the ACC Premier Cup, with the inclusion of Dev Khanal adding depth to the batting lineup. With an excellent track record of winning 11 of their last 12 matches in League 2, Nepal is expected to perform well in the upcoming tournament. The chance to qualify for the Asia Cup for the ACC Emerging Teams, Asia Cup is a significant opportunity for the team, and fans are eagerly waiting to see how they perform in their home ground.

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