Nepal to Host Asian Qualifiers for T20 World Cup

A prestigious opportunity for Nepal, as Nepal to Host Asian Qualifiers for T20 World Cup. The International Cricket Council (ICC) has officially approved Nepal as the host nation for the Asian Region Qualifier tournament from November 1 to 10. The top two teams from this tournament will be able to play in the upcoming T20 World Cup, hosted b USA and West Indies in June 2024.

Nepal to Host Asian Qualifiers for T20 World Cup
Nepal to Host Asian Qualifiers for T20 World Cup

Formats and Participants:

The Asian Qualifiers will feature 8 teams who will be seeking their placement in T20 World Cup by being in the top 2. Nepal, Oman, Hong Kong, UAE, Bahrain, and Singapore, and two teams from sub-regional tournaments will join this competition. These teams will be divided into two groups and the top two teams from each group will make their journey to the semifinal. The finalist team will make their entry to the mega event T20 World Cup, 2024.

Road to the T20 World Cup:

A total of twenty teams will be participating for the championship title. Twelve teams have already made their way to their championship and the remaining eight teams will confirm their spot through qualifiers from different regions. The Asian Qualifiers hosted by Nepal will play the Crucial Role to determine two teams from Asia.

Nepal’s Recent Success:

Nepal recently hosted the ACC Premier Cup at TU Cricket Ground and Mulpani Cricket Ground and was able to lift the trophy defeating UAE in the final. The Exceptional performance of the Nepali team helped Nepal to secure their place in the upcoming Asia Cup where they will play against the Cricketing Powerhouse India and Pakistan.


This opportunity for Nepal to Host Asian Qualifiers for T20 World Cup is a great opportunity for Nepali cricket. It provides Nepal as well as other participating teams to show their skills and secure their position in the highly anticipated T20 World Cup. With Nepal’s recent success, Nepali Players and board members will look forward to build the cricket community strong by organizing more and more events.

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