Nepal vs Laos First Half Report: Nepal and Laos Draw

Nepal vs Laos First Half Report: In the final of the Prime Minister’s Three Nations Cup, Nepal managed to draw against Laos with a goal scored by Ayush Ghalan. The score is 1-1 at the end of the first half

Laos took the lead in the 17th minute of the game with an excellent passing move converted into a goal by Phonsak Sisavath. After a pass from outside the penalty area was deflected, Fonsak easily scored after beating the defense line.

Nepal attempted to equalize in the 22nd minute, but goalkeeper Sesavath saved Sanish Shrestha’s attempt at Navin Lama’s free kick.

Nepal vs Laos First Half Report
Nepal vs Laos First Half Report

However, Nepal managed to equalize in the 24th minute with a beautiful finish by Ayush Ghalan inside the penalty area. Eric Bist provided the pass to Ayush to score.

Nepal had an opportunity to take the lead soon after, but Ayush missed a pass given by Navin from 6 yards in front of the box after Manish beat the wing back and cut back inside the penalty area.

Nepali Team

Due to a yellow card, Pujan Uparkoti will be replaced by Mani La. Similarly, Navayug Shrestha has been replaced by Deepak Raj Singh Thakuri, who scored against Bhutan. Additionally, Manish Dangi will take the place of the injured Anjan Bista.

However, the defense team remains unchanged with Kiran Chemjong as the goalkeeper and Rohit Chand, Anant Tamang, Sanish Shrestha, and Vikas Khawas as the defenders. Regulars in the midfield are Navin Lama, Eric Bisht, and Mani. The attacking team consists of Aayush Ghalan, Deepak, and Manish.

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