Oman vs Qatar in ACC Premier Cup 2023

Oman vs Qatar in ACC Premier Cup 2023: Oman sets a target of 250 against Qatar in ACC Premier Cup 2023 in a game being Played at Mulpani Cricket Ground, Kathmandu. Qatar won the toss and was Elected to Bowl first. Despite the early fall of the wicket Oman managed to set a total of 249 on the board.

Previously, in ACC Premier Cup, Nepal Won with Malaysia by 6 wickets, and Hong Kong won by 8 wickets.

Oman vs Qatar in ACC Premier Cup 2023
Oman vs Qatar in ACC Premier Cup 2023

Oman’s Batting

KashyapKumar Prajapati and Jatinder Singh Opened for Oman. Oman’s Kashyap Kumar Prajapati made 18 runs while facing 30 balls. Jatinder Singh scored 16 runs out of 20 balls faced. Aqib Liyas scored 17 runs out of 22 balls faced. Zeeshan Maqsood scored 41 runs in 71 balls. Mohammad Nadeem scored 18 runs after facing 38 balls, and Adeel Shafique scored 16 runs in 20 balls.
Ayaan Khan played a beautiful stroke of 64 runs in 59 balls which helped Oman to set a total of 249 on the board.

Fall of wickets

Oman lost its first wicket to Kashyap Kumar Prajapati at 8.1 overs as the team was at a score of 39. In the very same over Jatinder Singh departs in the 5th ball of the over. The falling of wickets continues as Aqib Ilyas gets out while the team reaches 67 in 15.3 overs. As a fourth wicket, Mohammed Nadeem returns pavilion in the 29th over. Zeeshan Maqsood Departs on the 30th, Adeel Shafique on 36.2 overs, Sandeep Goud on 48.1 overs, and Kaleemullah at 48.5 overs.

Qatar Bowling in Oman vs Qatar in ACC Premier Cup 2023

For Qatar in ACC Premier Cup Muhammad Murad and Amir Farooq took 3 wickets each. Mohammad Murad Dismissed Aqib Ilyas for 17 runs, Sandeep Goud for 34 runs, and Kaleemullah for 1 run. While Ammir Farooq took a wicket off the opening pair of Oman KasyapKumar Prajapati and Jatender Singh. He also dismissed Zeeshan Maqsood, a set batsman of Oman for 41 runs. Muhammad Ikramullah took 2 wickets conceding 44 runs in 10 overs. Mohammed Nadeem Conceded 15 runs in his spell of 5 overs. Owais Ahmed give 20 runs in 5 overs and Muhammad Tanveer conceded 64 runs in his spell.

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