Rain Threatens Nepal vs UAE in ACC Premier Cup Final 2023

Nepal is set to clash with UAE today in the grand finale of the ACC Premier Cup. However, rain threatens Nepal vs UAE in ACC Premier Cup final. The game will begin at 9 am at TU Cricket Ground. The winning team will get to play against Pakistan and India in September.

Rain Threatens Nepal vs UAE in ACC Premier Cup Final 2023
Rain Threatens Nepal vs UAE in ACC Premier Cup Final 2023

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According to the weather forecast, it might rain in Kathmandu today. This is bad news for the match. There’s a 78% chance of rain at the beginning of the game. And there is a heavy chance to rain by 3 pm. The rain might stop after 4 pm, however, it is still not very likely that it will stop completely. To make things worse, the game has to end by 5:24 pm, and if it rains too much, the match could be delayed or even canceled. The sky has been dark and cloudy in Kathmandu for the past three days, which makes both teams worried.

Nepal, the winner of Group A, has earned a well-deserved spot in the finals. A semi-final match with Kuwait was washed out due to the rain, leading Nepal to the finals as a group champion. Meanwhile, UAE secured their position in the grand finale by defeating Oman by a mere two runs in a nail-biting semi-final match. UAE clinched the victory in the last ball, making their triumph even more thrilling.

The toss has been done and Nepal won it. Nepal chose to bowl first.

In the unfortunate event that the match is halted due to the unrelenting rain, the game shall resume on Tuesday. The match shall pick up from where it was interrupted. Regrettably, rain may continue to be a thorn in the sides of the players as the forecast predicts a possibility of showers until Thursday next week.

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