UEFA Euro 2024 Qualifiers: Unleashed Glory

The qualifying matches for UEFA Euro 2024 Qualifiers have been scheduled from 2023 March 23 onwards. This is commonly referred to as “UEFA Euro 2024” or simply “Euro 2024”. This is the 17th edition of the UEFA Euro championship. Altogether, there are ten groups with 53 teams in the Euro 2024 qualifying round. Eight of these groups include five teams each, while two have six teams. As the host country Germany has already guaranteed its spot in the Euro 2024. The top two teams from the group will qualify for the final tournament.

UEFA Euro 2024 Qualifiers
UEFA Euro 2024 Qualifiers

Russia Banned for European Championship 2024:

Russia has been forbidden from playing in European Championship 2024 qualification, according to UEFA. Due to the continuing situation in Ukraine, all Russian football teams are now rejected. Although the Russian Football Federation challenged their suspension, they were denied.

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Altogether, there are ten groups with 53 teams in the UEFA Euro 2024 Qualifiers round. Seven of these groups include five teams each, while three have six teams.

ScotlandGreeceNorth MacedoniaWales
GeorgiaRepublic of IrelandUkraineCroatia
Groups with Teams “UEFA Euro 2024”
Czech RepublicAustriaSerbiaDenmark
Faroe IslandsBelgiumMontenegroNorth Ireland
Groups with Teams “UEFA Euro 2024”
SwitzerlandBosnia and Herzegovina
Groups with Teams “UEFA Euro 2024”
Qualifying group stageMatchday 1March 23-25, 2023
Matchday 2March 26-28, 2023
Matchday 3June 16-17, 2023
Matchday 4June 19-20, 2023
Matchday 5September 7-9, 2023
Matchday 6September 10-12, 2023
Matchday 7October 12-14, 2023
Qualifier game Schedule of Euro 2024

Matchday 1:

March 23CItaly vs. England1-2
CNorth Macedonia vs. Malta2-1
HKazakhstan vs. Slovenia1-2
HDenmark vs. Finland3-1
HSan Marino vs. Northern Ireland0-2
JBosnia and Herzegovina vs. Iceland3-0
JPortugal vs. Liechtenstein4-0
JSlovakia vs. Luxembourg0-0
March 24BFrance vs. Netherlands4-0
BGibraltar vs. Greece0-3
ECzechia vs. Poland3-1
EMoldova vs. Faroe Islands1-1
FAustria vs. Azerbaijan4-1
FSweden vs. Belgium0-3
GBulgaria vs. Montenegro0-1
GSerbia vs. Lithuania2-0
March 25AScotland vs. Cyprus3-0
ASpain vs. Norway3-0
DArmenia vs. Türkiye1-2
DCroatia vs. Wales1-1
IBelarus vs. Switzerland0-5
IAndorra vs. Romania0-2
IIsrael vs. Kosovo1-1
Matchday 1 game schedule

Matchday 2:

March 26CEngland 2-0 Ukraine, Malta 0-2 Italy
HKazakhstan 3-2 Denmark, Slovenia 2-0 San Marino,
Northern Ireland 0-1 Finland
JLiechtenstein 0-7 Iceland, Luxembourg 0-6 Portugal,
Slovakia 2-0 Bosnia and Herzegovina
March 27BNetherlands vs Gibraltar, the Republic of Ireland vs
EMoldova vs Czechia, Poland vs Albania
FAustria vs Estonia, Sweden vs Azerbaijan
GHungary vs Bulgaria, Montenegro vs Serbia
March 28AGeorgia vs Norway (18:00), Scotland vs Spain
DTürkiye vs Croatia, Wales vs Latvia
IKosovo vs Andorra, Romania vs Belarus,
Switzerland vs Israel
Matchday 2 game schedule

Matchday 3:

June 16BGibraltar vs France, Greece vs Republic of Ireland
CMalta vs England, North Macedonia vs Ukraine
DLatvia vs Türkiye, Wales vs Armenia
HDenmark vs Northern Ireland, Finland vs Slovenia, San Marino vs Kazakhstan
IAndorra vs Switzerland, Belarus vs Israel, Kosovo vs Romania
June 17ANorway vs Scotland (18:00), Cyprus vs Georgia
EAlbania vs Moldova, Faroe Islands vs Czechia
FAzerbaijan vs Estonia (18:00), Belgium vs Austria
GLithuania vs Bulgaria (15:00), Montenegro vs Hungary (18:00)
JLuxembourg vs Liechtenstein (15:00), Iceland vs Slovakia, Portugal vs Bosnia and Herzegovina
Matchday 3 game schedule

Matchday 4:

June 19BFrance vs Greece, Republic of Ireland vs Gibraltar
CEngland vs North Macedonia, Ukraine vs Malta
DArmenia vs Latvia (18:00), Türkiye vs Wales
HFinland vs San Marino (18:00), Northern Ireland vs Kazakhstan,
Slovenia vs Denmark
IBelarus vs Kosovo, Israel vs Andorra, Switzerland vs Romania
June 20ANorway vs Cyprus, Scotland vs Georgia
EFaroe Islands vs Albania, Moldova vs Poland
FAustria vs Sweden, Estonia vs Belgium
GBulgaria vs Serbia, Hungary vs Lithuania
JBosnia and Herzegovina vs Luxembourg, Iceland vs Portugal,
Liechtenstein vs Slovakia
Matchday 4 game schedule

Matchday 5:

September 7BFrance vs Republic of Ireland, Netherlands vs Greece
ECzechia vs Albania, Poland vs Faroe Islands
GLithuania vs Montenegro (18:00), Serbia vs Hungary
HKazakhstan vs Finland (16:00), Denmark vs San Marino, Slovenia vs Northern Ireland
September 8AGeorgia vs Spain (18:00), Cyprus vs Scotland
DCroatia vs Latvia, Türkiye vs Armenia
JBosnia and Herzegovina vs Liechtenstein, Luxembourg vs Iceland, Slovakia vs Portugal
September 9CUkraine vs England (18:00), North Macedonia vs Italy
FAzerbaijan vs Belgium (15:00), Estonia vs Sweden (18:00)
IAndorra vs Belarus (18:00), Kosovo vs Switzerland, Romania vs Israel
Matchday 5 game schedule

Matchday 6:

September 10BGreece vs Gibraltar, Republic of Ireland vs Netherlands
EFaroe Islands vs Moldova, Albania vs Poland
GMontenegro vs Bulgaria, Lithuania vs Serbia
HKazakhstan vs Northern Ireland, Finland vs Denmark, San Marino vs Slovenia
September 11DArmenia vs Croatia, Latvia vs Wales
JIceland vs Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal vs Luxembourg, Slovakia vs Liechtenstein
September 12ANorway vs Georgia, Spain vs Cyprus
CItaly vs Ukraine, Malta vs North Macedonia
FBelgium vs Estonia, Sweden vs Austria
IIsrael vs Belarus, Romania vs Kosovo, Switzerland vs Andorra
Matchday 6 game schedule

Matchday 7:

October 12ACyprus vs Norway, Spain vs Scotland
DCroatia vs Türkiye, Latvia vs Armenia
EAlbania vs Czechia, Faroe Islands vs Poland
IAndorra vs Kosovo, Belarus vs Romania, Israel vs Switzerland
October 13BNetherlands vs France, Republic of Ireland vs Greece
FAustria vs Belgium, Estonia vs Azerbaijan
JIceland vs Luxembourg, Liechtenstein vs Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal vs Slovakia
October 14CUkraine vs North Macedonia, Italy vs Malta
GBulgaria vs Lithuania, Hungary vs Serbia
HNorthern Ireland vs San Marino, Slovenia vs Finland, Denmark vs Kazakhstan
Matchday 7 game schedule

Matchday 8:

October 15AGeorgia vs Cyprus (15:00), Norway vs Spain
DTürkiye vs Latvia, Wales vs Croatia
ECzechia vs Faroe Islands (18:00), Poland vs Moldova
ISwitzerland vs Belarus (18:00), Kosovo vs Israel, Romania vs Andorra
October 16BGibraltar vs Republic of Ireland, Greece vs Netherlands
FAzerbaijan vs Austria (18:00), Belgium vs Sweden
JBosnia and Herzegovina vs Portugal, Iceland vs Liechtenstein, Luxembourg vs Slovakia
October 17CEngland vs Italy, Malta vs Ukraine
GLithuania vs Hungary, Serbia vs Montenegro
HFinland vs Kazakhstan (18:00), Northern Ireland vs Slovenia, San Marino vs Denmark
Matchday 8 game schedule

Matchday 9:

November 16AGeorgia vs Scotland (18:00), Cyprus vs Spain
FAzerbaijan vs Sweden (18:00), Estonia vs Austria (18:00)
GBulgaria vs Hungary, Montenegro vs Lithuania
JLiechtenstein vs Portugal, Luxembourg vs Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia vs Iceland
November 17CEngland vs Malta, Italy vs North Macedonia
EMoldova vs Albania, Poland vs Czechia
HKazakhstan vs San Marino (16:00), Finland vs Northern Ireland (18:00), Denmark vs Slovenia
November 18BFrance vs Gibraltar, Netherlands vs Republic of Ireland
DArmenia vs Wales (15:00), Latvia vs Croatia (18:00)
IBelarus vs Andorra (18:00), Israel vs Romania, Switzerland vs Kosovo
Matchday 9 game schedule

Matchday 10:

November 19AScotland vs Norway, Spain vs Georgia
FBelgium vs Azerbaijan (18:00), Sweden vs Estonia (18:00)
GHungary vs Montenegro (15:00), Serbia vs Bulgaria (15:00)
JBosnia and Herzegovina vs Slovakia, Liechtenstein vs Luxemb
November 20AScotland vs Norway, Spain vs Georgia
FBelgium vs Azerbaijan (18:00), Sweden vs Estonia (18:00)
GHungary vs Montenegro (15:00), Serbia vs Bulgaria (15:00)
JBosnia and Herzegovina vs Slovakia, Liechtenstein vs Luxemb
November 21BGibraltar vs Netherlands, Greece vs France
DCroatia vs Armenia, Wales vs Türkiye
IAndorra vs Israel, Kosovo vs Belarus, Romania vs Switzerland
Matchday 10 game schedule

Euro History:

The Soviet Union is the first country to win this championship. Looking at the history of the Euro Championship Spain and Germany look relatively stronger as they have won the tournament three times each while Italy and France Managed to win two times. The below table shows the detail of the previous edition of the Euro Championship.

1960Soviet Union2-1YugoslaviaParis, France
1964Spain2-1Soviet UnionMadrid, Spain
YugoslaviaRome, Italy
1972West Germany3-0Soviet UnionBrussels, Belgium
West GermanyBelgrade, Yugoslavia
1980West Germany2-1BelgiumRome, Italy
1984France2-0SpainParis, France
1988Netherlands2-0Soviet UnionMunich, West Germany
1992Denmark2-0GermanyGothenburg, Sweden
1996Germany2-1Czech RepublicLondon, England
2000France2-1ItalyRotterdam, Netherlandsd
2004Greece1-0PortugalLisbon, Portugal
2008Spain1-0GermanyVienna, Austria
2012Spain4-0ItalyKyiv, Ukraine
2016Portugal1-0FranceSaint-Denis, France
EnglandLondon, England
Euro Championship History

a.e.t (added extra time or additional time), pen. (penalty)


In addition, the Euro Cup 2024 or Euro Championship 2024 or European Championship 2024 final tournament will be played from the 14th of June to the 14th of July. It will be the third time the European championship will be played in Germany.

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