What happens if Nepal wins all remaining games of CWC League 2?

The Nepali national team is actively competing for a top-three finish in CWC League 2. Despite a rough start to the series, Nepal has remained hopeful of earning a direct global qualifier for the Cricket World Cup 2023 thanks to three victories in the just-finished series in the United Arab Emirates and 100% results in the previous home series. If Nepal wins the remaining games, Nepal directly qualifies for the qualifiers.
But Nepal cannot afford to make any mistakes as they must win all three of their remaining games in the pivotal home Tri-Series against the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Papua New Guinea (PNG). Nepal will pass Namibia and move up to place three on the table with three victories.

must win matches for Nepal
must win matches for Nepal

What happens if Nepal wins all of the remaining games?

If Nepal wins all of the remaining games then will qualify for CWC Qualifiers. As, From CWC League 2, the top 3 teams will qualify for the World Cup Qualifier. These teams will then join the bottom five teams from the Super League, and two additional teams from the Qualifier Play-off. Zimbabwe is hosting the Men’s Cricket World Cup Qualifier this year. A total of 10 teams will be playing in the qualifiers including Nepal. Those ten teams will be competing for 2 spots left of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 that will be held in India.

Scotland being at top of the table, already qualified for the qualifier. Oman has also qualified for the Qualifiers holding the second position in the table. While the Netherlands, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Ireland, and South Africa now hold the lowest five slots in the Super League and will also need to compete in the Qualifiers. However, the standings could change as more fixtures are played.

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The remaining three matches of Nepal will be in TU Ground, Nepal. Nepal can still qualify for the World Cup Qualifier by winning all three matches. Even if Nepal doesn’t win all of the three remaining matches, Nepal still has the chance to play World Cup Qualifiers but has to play another league first.

But what if Nepal loses all of its remaining Matches?

Nepal’s chances of securing the third position in the table could be halted by a loss or any other setback. The possibility of rain in Kathmandu makes their dream seem uncertain. AND they may need to follow a more challenging path to achieve their goal.

There is an indirect way for them to play World Cup Qualifiers if they can’t qualify directly. The bottom four teams from CWC League 2 and the top two teams from Challenge League will face in Qualifier Play-off. Then from the Qualifier Play-off, the team can move to WorldCup Qualifier.

Additionally, to get the ODI status Nepal has to win two out of their four matches. Nepal will suppress the USA in the point table, then get the ODI status.

Nepal already won the opening game of the crucial series on PNG. As UAE can’t get the top three position, they will try to focus on their ODI Status by suppressing the USA in the Points table. On the other hand, PNG is unofficially out of the competition as they are at the bottom of the Points Table will very few wins.

Cricket World Cup Qualifying process
Cricket World Cup Qualifying process

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